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Nunalleq’s 6th Birthday Showcase!

July 21, 2015

Nunalleq, 2009

This Saturday, the 18th of July marked the 6th anniversary of the discovery of Nunalleq. We have certainly come a long way in those 6 years, with moving from the fishing camp into a beautiful and comfy Quonset hut, a field crew that grows each year, the formation and huge success of the ELLA project, and even a sparkly new van with our logo right next to Q-corps! We have made friends in the community we look forward to seeing each summer, and our research continues to shed more light on the world of Alaskan pre-history. It has truly been an incredible 6 years, and the story of Nunalleq is only just getting started!

Nunalleq Today

Upon arrival at the site on Saturday we saw a few ravens, which over the years has always been a good omen for our work that day. And they certainly didn’t disappoint this time.  It was an incredible day in the field in terms of beautiful and rare finds at the site . By lunch time, we all knew that simply choosing one “Artefact of the Day” would be nearly impossible. So, instead of having to choose, we decided we wouldn’t choose at all. For our birthday present, we have put together a gallery of the finds from Saturday, and some from today, which are not only some of the most spectacular of the year so far, but also of the whole excavation!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Its safe to say that Nunalleq’s birthday was one to remember!! We’re all looking forward to what the final 4 weeks of the excavation will bring!!


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