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Arefact of the Day 23/7

July 24, 2015

IMG_5289We are quite far down (in history) even in the eastern (new) block now – not far until we are on the same level as the 2014 excavation – when it will be one large excavation area only. On a whole this means that a lot of house floor – and other busy activity areas – are being removed, and so many spectacular artefacts are uncovered daily. Today several very nicely carved wooden dolls were found, among others, but the artefact of the day was not a doll but an ulu handle. This particular ulu must have been someone’s highly valued possession, because the handle was made out of ivory and shaped into a seal. It was found by Charlotta in a collapse, or leveling, deposit between house floors.

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  1. Marilyn permalink
    July 24, 2015 15:07

    WOW Charlotte, that does look like a prized ulu handle. Such beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing this and all the daily “artefact of the day”. It is so nice to be informed of your finds.

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