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Artefact of the Day 31/7

August 1, 2015

IMG_5663Today we exposed the boardwalk in the entrance to the house completely. It is quite exciting as a feature; by the entrance is a huge posthole lined with boards (so deep we still haven’t reached the bottom), and to the left, when you go IMG_5667in to the house is a crawling space into a little side room – we think it might be a storage room, as it is so close to the entrance. Interestingly enough the entrance to the crawling space is marked by an antler – a hand rest – very much like we have at a crawling space in at the other side of our house. Enough on features – this is the post for the artefact of the day, and this artefact was found by Charlotta in the trampled grass floor covering the board walk in the corner where crawling space meets boardwalk. It is an ivory figurine, or doll, and we think it might have been a gaming piece due to its form. It has a hole in the back of its head which implies it might have been mounted on something.

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  1. Marilyn permalink
    August 1, 2015 12:48

    I am really enjoying the emails with all your daily finds. Its great you are finding so many items. And hopefully the weather is improving too. Thanks.

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