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Artefact of the Day 1/8

August 2, 2015

photo 2 (1)IMG_5743The artefact of the day is an ulu with the blade still attached. Coincidently it was found by Tricia, who is an expert on ulus 🙂 . This ulu is especially nice as its handle is shaped like a seal, and when you look even closer – as John Smith showed us when he looked at the finds this evening – it is also a whale. We have ulus of avery difference sizes, and they were used from everything to sewing (tiny ulus) to processing whales – or seals 🙂

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  1. March 25, 2017 02:27

    Ulus are very private possessions made by loved ones for loved ones and very within a given family. I have made them for sisters, sis-I-laws, wives, daughters, and cousins. I also made them for sale. My family preferred hardwood, single stemmed handles and blades from old, handsaw handles. My father-in-law and his sons used hardwood handles with a double stem set up. Same blade source. Small ulus were made for skin sewing as well. Handles for ulus that I sold often were given whale bone, mammoth or walrus ivory.

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