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Sun, boards & debris

August 4, 2015

IMG_5759The second to last week of excavation has begun with magnificent sunshine. We were all digging in T-shirts by the end of the day. With only two weeks of excavation left our unit looks huge – especially since quite a few have left, and the crew now is down to a rather modest number. Despite this we have ambitious plans for the next few weeks – the various boardwalks that are criss-crossing through the site will be removed tomorrow – at least partially – so we can excavate the house floor beneath them, the debris that is covering large parts of the site will be removed, as will the not-so-old-walls so that we can get to the old walls. The aim is to have the site down to the esrliest occupation phase – the oldest house – by the end of the season, and to have it planned, photographed and completely recorded – ready to be excavated next summer. But before then, hundreds of buckets of dirt is going to leave our excavation block, much more data is to be recorded, and many more finds will be made! Two weeks is a long time measured in artefacts 🙂


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