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Artefact of the Day 8/8

August 10, 2015

IMG_5924IMG_5692After a hard campaign this ulu won the vote for artefact of the day. It was found by Anna in the rather messy-looking (and very grassy) house-floor debris. As amazing as a plain hafted ulu is in any archaeological context, at Nunalleq we have now found so many they are hardly spectacular enough to qualify as artefact of the day. What makes this ulu unique is that it has an ownership mark – in the form of a circle with lines emerging from it, like a kid’s drawing of the sun. The reason we can identify this as an
EvBkKz8eDH40DHu3hotFpFUHPr-DfM0axOlaUAtviw8ownership mark is through the fact that we have found it on several other artefacts found at the site this year. 11828738_1148872458463482_6981699713638171466_nAmong others an owl effigy found by Véro a few weeks ago. The owl was found on ‘the day of owls’. Driving out to site that morning an owl flew down the road in front of the archaeology van. Rick predicted this was an omen, and one of the first finds that day was this little snowy owl. One of the last finds of the day was also an owl – an ivory earring found by Bridget in the screen. IMG_9341The earring is a quite fantastic rendering of an owl-spirit in a half man – half owl ivory face, also spotted like a snowy owl. We have found quite a few owls at the site over the years, the people of Nunalleq seems to have had a special connection to owlsIMG_5551IMG_5929The find that was up for running for artefact of the day against the ulu was a tiny little owl – (with a face quite like Owl in Winnie the Pooh). It was found by Charlotta (who happens to have a affinity for owls and thus has spent most of this ulu-post writing about owls) next to the small boardwalk of the passageway or crawling space leading into the small side room next to the entrance of the large house. The spirit of the owl is certainly strong at Nunalleq.


Super-cute tiny owl

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