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Farewell to boards

August 10, 2015

_MG_3009Tuesday Morning started with removal of boards (Rick cried a little, and admittedly they were the most impressive structure at the site – sod walls just doesn’t have the same visual appeal). Sad as it may seem, it was also very exciting, as it marked the big leap back in time – into another occupation phase

The site in the nude

The site in the nude

(although the site looks a bit naked without its boards). The house floor that emerged under the boards have now been removed, and we are seeing the end (or beginning) of the big house. Most of us are now digging in the (very heterogeneous, but equally tedious) debris deposit that represent a period of abandonment in between occupations. Prosaic as it is, what emerges under it is the more exciting – It is now clear that the architecture changes entirely in the next phase – and very little of the original layout seems to have survived into the later periods we are more familiar with. It seems likely that the site was altogether abandoned for a time period, to then be resettled – and a whole new house rebuilt. Patches of very rich, but also much disturbed by later activities and building at the site, entirely new (chronologically old) walls, and boardwalks in totally different places and orientations tell a very different, and interesting, tale than the one we’ve learnt from the site so far. It is for next year to follow up on it, however, with less than a weeks digging left – our aim is to remove the last of the abandonment debris.

However, not all of us are in the debris, Anna & Bridget are still working in house floors in a side room of the later phase, and have much finds to show for it, and Rick and P.T. are working in the large eastern wall – which still seem to stand despite all the other changes on the site. Only time will tell 🙂

Anna & Bridget

Anna & Bridget

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