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Artefact of the Day 11/8

August 12, 2015
RIck in his artefact processing lab

RIck in his artefact processing lab

IMG_6003The artefact of the day is yet another domestic object. Common for all the tools and utility objects we find at Nunalleq is that they are all beautifully, even artistically made, even when the forms are simple and the objects undecorated. This atefact is no exception; It is a wooden spoon – with a face on the handle.  It was found saved from stomping feet by Rick – from a house floor that not will be dug until next year 😉 The spoon-face looks a bit unhappy, but I think it resembles a seal, and given all the seal-shapes we have found this year, not least on utilitarian objects like the uluaqs (ulus), it is not a far-fetched thought.


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