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Congratulations Dr McManus! The first Nunalleq Project PhD student successfully defends!

August 28, 2015

Dr. McManus in the field

I am very happy to blog that, after years of hard work in the lab and the field, on Monday 24th August, isotope specialist and field team regular, Ellen McManus, successfully passed her PhD oral examination at the University of Aberdeen. Congratulations Ellen!

This event was cause for extra celebration as Ellen is the first doctoral student from the Nunalleq Project to complete her PhD. Her thesis entitled ‘Pre-contact ecology, subsistence and diet, on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta’ is an innovative study that integrates zooarchaeology with stable isotope techniques, to reconstruct past Alaskan foodwebs and to examine faunal palaeoecology at the site. The examiners had many complimentary things to say about Ellen’s work, particularly her research into the dogs found at Nunalleq and the ecosystem changes that have occurred over the centuries since the site was first inhabited.

Themed cakes might just have to become a tradition for the new PhDs of Nunalleq!

The viva, which is the UK equivalent of a defense, lasted several hours, after which Ellen was awarded a pass with only minor corrections. Family, faculty and friends, including members of the Nunalleq team already back in Aberdeen (and those of us who never left!) were on hand to celebrate with Ellen – which included pizza and an animals-of-Nunalleq theme cake!

Congratulations again Dr. McManus! The question is: who’s next?!


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  1. August 30, 2015 20:25

    Dr. McManus: Congratulations, Ellen! I am so glad to hear the viva went well. You must be thrilled… hope all is working out for you in Reading. And congratulations to her esteemed committee and examiners and advisers!


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