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Sun, wind and site pizza

July 7, 2017

Another sunny day at Nunalleq. Sun and wind, perfect drying weather – great for fish, not so great for wooden artefacts. The crew is also feeling a bit windbeaten at the end of the day. But we shouldn’t complain when we’ve been given such beautiful weather.


We have started excavation the large house floor, and this means many high quality artefacts have shown their faces during the day.

Anna with a doll and Véro with a lamp.

Véro came across a four layer woven basket when she uncovered more housefloor under a wall collapse. Basketry are an amazing type of artefacts, but very very tricky to excavate since they are so fragile, so finding basketry causes mixed reactions – as do the equally fragile lamps.

nunalleq - 1 (15)

Basket-recovery team; Rick, Anna, Véro

The sience geeks have been working hard today (Jonathan’s magnetometer was finally operational, so he surveyed areas around the site, until the wind blew him of course, and sent him digging. (His exact words, I cannot walk in a straight line anymore).


Jonathan and his machine

Véro’s scientific experiment is a bit more high flying, or at least flying – she’s collecting flies in all different stages of flyiness (from egg to beast) in her meat loaded fly traps.

Yes, they’re flies, in a bag – ready for the freezer…

And as this wasn’t exciting enough, Mike and Cheryl brought us pizza for lunch!


It’s site pizza!


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  1. Marilyn F. permalink
    July 7, 2017 13:18

    Such a busy crew and battling wind as well. Congrats on all the good finds and thanks for sharing them. Its wonderful to see the results of your labor. I’ll bet that pizza was an especially tasty treat.

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