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Artefact of the day June 11th

July 12, 2017

The artefact of the day is in fact two artefacts, as the vote came out as a tie. Unfortunately only one will appear in this post, as I don’t have a photo of the other one yet. Hopefully you will see it tomorrow (it is a mystery figurine/tool – both squid and fish has been suggested, but you can judge for yourself tomorrow). The other artefact of the day is a kayak model.



We have a few kayak models in the collection already, and what is extra fascinating with them is that they differ from the historically known kayaks from this area. ‘Our’ kayaks are more like the Greenland kayaks, and suggest a break, or change, tradition during or just before the post-contact period when kayaks are concerned. The kayak found today entered the artefact of the day especially because two little kayakers were also found today. None of them fitted this particular kayak, so we are still looking for the perfect match. This is also quite fitting as an analogy to the real life kayaks, as kayaks were very personal and built to fit its kayaker perfectly. Man and kayak in perfect unison.


Véro and John showing the kayak

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