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Huse floor, house floor and more house floor

July 12, 2017

Yet another beautiful day at Nunalleq. This morning the low mist was dancing over the tundra in the morning light (elves dancing we would say in Sweden), and sun beams were glistering in she small lakes and puddles. It is hard to find anything more magical and beautiful.


Walking to site in the morning

Today almost everyone has been working in house floor. In the middle of the site, where we had the large boardwalk, there is a deep house floor covering a second house floor. A big cut has been made through this deep house floor to place the boardwalk, so we know this house floor predates the boards. Excitingly enough more boards are coming up. Some in the same place as the previous boardwalk, suggesting continuity in the layout throughout the occupation, but we also have at least one boardwalk showing up in a new place, which could mean minor modification of the architecture. We will see where the archaeology takes us tomorrow…


Processing artefacts on site


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