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Two weeks in…

July 17, 2017

After only two weeks of excavation we feel we have gotten to know this new house quite well, and have made great progress. One of the big surprises is that it is so well preserved. Since it is the earliest occupation on a site that has had much later activity, we expected disturbed contexts, and partial pictures. Instead we have a well preserved site that is quite easy to read. The other surprise is the sturdiness of the architecture, deep foundation ditches for boardwalks, solid walls… All together this house feels like it was built to last, and more well build than the later occupation we are familiar with.


Another exciting discovery is that we are able to follow different stages of remodeling and maintenance of the house during its lifetime. Additions to walls and leveling episodes preparing for new floors, foundation trenches for boardwalks, and reainstallation of new boardwalks… On Friday a large pit under the boardwalk leading out of the house revealed a post that had been cut – we think for the purpose of constructing the boardwalk – and a new entrance to the wall. Its really fantastic to be able to see these decisions in the different generations of house occupation.


Our favourite pit of the week

The drain outside the house has proved to be just what a drain should be – smelly, messy and deep. Anna, who spent all Friday excavating it together with Justin, was cursing the poor feature – but reconciled with it (for the time being at least) when she found a rare amber bead (less than a cm big) that someone lost all those centuries ago. In situ no less!


The large pit in the centre of the house remains deep and something of a mystery, the boardwalk emerging in the northeast corner of the trench clearly has a void underneath it, which is mind-boggling, and there is very well preserved (and apparently old) house floor coming up under parts of the rather substantial wall in the northwest – and we have sighted the natural in the deep post-hole/pit. All things pointing to some exciting discoveries in the coming weeks!


Rick – in his right element



A happy crew at the end of week 2


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