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An older house at Nunalleq

July 19, 2017

After removing wall extensions, pit fills and a large layer of soddy debris the central part of the house is now down to another house floor. This floor represents an earlier occupation period of the house, we could almost call it a different house (although in large the architecture is very similar).


A mask fragment found today

The drain, where Justin and Luce have been spending most of the day, is just getting deeper and deeper. It seems to have been an important feature at the site.


Justin with a large seal mask attachement

An older house floor (older than the one in the centre of the house) are appearing in the northwestern part of the site. It continues under, at least part of, one of the walls, which suggests the layout of the house might have been different during this early occupation phase. However, we will have to wait for some more walls and floors to be removed before we can see if this is the case…


Anna photographing the finds


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  1. Marilyn F. permalink
    July 19, 2017 13:39

    Every day something new – good work. Congratulations!!

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