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Bugs and Bowls

July 21, 2017

GDN248 2 - 1 (13)

Sun is back on Nunalleq, and after a few days of cold and rain we are happy to see it, even though it makes it harder to see when digging. The first no-see-ums also found their way to the site this morning, but thankfully the wind picked up rather early and blew them away 🙂

Véro tended to her fly traps that were full of creepy-crawlies, wiggly-wormies, and dead flies. At least the traps are working….

GDN248 2 - 1 (14)

The site is beginning to change character these days. The large cuts have transformed into house floors, the walls have shrunk and become more defined, and new boards and corners have showed up. It’s quite exciting to see the different development stages of the house.


Much house floor has been removed, and therefore we also had many fine artefacts today. We reached no. 500 at the end of the day.


Half a mask found by Richard in a context that is not house floor, but a intermediate in a deep soddy layer filling up a ditch-like space before the placing of a boardwalk. Most of our full size masks and mask fragments are found in similar liminal spaces.

The bowls in the heading may need an explanation. In the morning Véro found a nicely carved bowl, and just a few minutes later Charlotta also found a carved bowl – but a toy version only a few cm big. We can now add a bowl to the Nunalleq toy collection 🙂



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  1. Henry ciskowski permalink
    July 22, 2017 16:23

    keep up the good work folks!

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