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Nunalleq in the fog

July 22, 2017


This morning we were driving out into a white hue… Talking loudly on our walk across the tundra to warn any bears hidden in the fog. The only animals we encountered on site were no-see-ums. Thankfully the wind picked up after lunch and the little beasts disappeared with the fog…

Today we took away some wall extensions and leveling layers and the features of this earlier occupation phase became more defined. In the process we discovered several post holes, which give us yet another clue to the architecture of the house.


It looks like our current boardwalk is resting on an older one – Anna and John was uncovering a house floor connected to the older boardwalk, and the house floor above it (the one they were removing) contained some of the finest artefacts of the day (among them THE artefact of the day, which has a post of its own).


Leather pice on top of house floor


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