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Mike saves the day…

July 25, 2017

On the way back from site yesterday, the four wheeler suddenly died while Charlotta was driving with Jonathan and Lucy on the back, and a fully packed trailer with dirt and artefacts on tow, and only a few hundred meters from site. Of course she had forgotten her phone on a table in the red building, after a few futile attempts to start the machine Jonathan decided to run for it to catch up with the crew in the van. After running over the tundra like a crazed gazelle he managed to flag the van down and had them contact Mike. Then he ran back to the quad on the beach…. What a hero.

Mike soon arrived, and after fiddling a while with the four wheeler it was clear it was not going to start again – so we moved the trailer to Mike’s for wheeler and then  he pushed the dead one with his honda (Charlotta and Lucy on the dead one in the front, Jonathan on Mike’s) – all the way to town! So while Jonathan is the hero of the hour, Mike is the hero of the day, and probably the whole week!

GDN248 2 - 1 (6)

The four wheeler almost being drowned by the sea due to the high winds. This was before it decided to not work…

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