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Nunalleq halftime – three weeks summary

July 26, 2017

We have now begun our fourth week of digging at Nunalleq – the half time mark has been passed. Richard and John left us on Sunday, and Alice and Anna S. arrived the day before (although Anna will not be digging with us this year).


At half time we are on our fourth occupation (four house floors down), and we are starting to wonder if we will ever see the natural. We have gained a good knowledge of the architecture of the house as well as the practices of adjusting, rebuilding and repairing – walls as well as board walks. We have seen how more sod is added to existing walls and how pits are dug through old floors to build new boardwalks.


Screening – an essential part of excavation – looking for artefacts we might have missed while digging.

The analysis of the artefacts will give us a better idea of the people living at the house. So far we don’t seem to have too many high status objects, but we have a very large collection of masks, mask fragments and maskettes. What does this tell us about the people who lived here?


Tiny doll found by Alice while screening. This is the only doll with legs in the Nunalleq collection, although Anna found a pair of tiny doll legs the other day…

Jonathan has been surveying the area around the site looking for possible features and sites. He has identified some interesting areas where he dug test pits. (You will hear more about this in the future). However, permafrost is making for a slow progress…


Jonathan, testpit, and melted permafrost

All and all we have made a lot of progress in our three weeks of digging, but now we can see the end coming, and we’re starting to feel the pressure. Will we actually be able to take the site down to natural before the time is out?


Nunalleq team – end of week 3.

And we say good bye to Richard and John with the picture below. Thank you both for you contribution this year – hope to see you back in the future.


Johns last joyride to the airport – Mike let him drive his four wheeler…


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  1. Marilyn F. permalink
    July 26, 2017 15:43

    You’ve had a lot of success the last few weeks. Good luck for the rest of the time remaining. I look forward to your reports.

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