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It Was a Dark and Stormy (K)night…

August 3, 2017

Despite being rained in yesterday Jonathan and Alice braved the stormy weather to make a quick visit to the site. Jonathan has been digging exploratory test pits around the perimeter of the main excavation area to see if there’s any evidence for additional settlement. Dealing with permafrost is a slow battle so each day he needs to drain the meltwater from the bottom of the pit and clear back the next few inches of soil down to frozen ground…then wait and repeat the whole process again the next day.

After layering up in their warmest gear to brave the storm, our two heros set out to brave the wind and rain. It was Alice’s first time driving the 4-wheeler but after a quick lesson from Charlotta she felt confident she could make it the four miles to site and back without major incident. Jonathan less so but he’s too nice to say anything.


Ready to brave the storm.

The drive along the beach was tough, the horizontal rain felt like icy needles on their faces and although she could barely see Alice thought she’d best keep that to herself for the sake of her trusting passenger. They arrived safely on site, despite Alice announcing moments before arriving: “Jon, I have to tell you I’m not 100% sure how to stop, Charlotta only showed me how to get it started!” All was fine though and a slightly shaken Jon climbed off the back and thanked his driver. Though from his face Alice suspected she may have taken that last muddy creek crossing a bit over enthusiastically…


Still with all his fingers and toes after the drive, but slightly muddy.

The site was very flooded when they arrived so after snapping a few quick photos to show the team back in the village they turned their attentions to the test pit.


The trench looking more like a swimming pool.


Jonathan and his test pit.

They worked quickly to drain the roughly 240 litres of meltwater from the pit and screened the few inches of soil for any evidence of settlement. A few promising bits of worked wood and mussel shells were revealed so they left the site feeling optimistic.

For some weeks now the team have inexplicably kept a Batman mask in the site tent, today it’s purpose was fully realised – the perfect rain guard to protect Alice’s face for driving home!

They left that day as a couple of regular archaeologists. but returned from the storm as superheros.


The perfect accessory to guard against the painful bullets of rain on the drive home!



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