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Drawing contest

August 5, 2017

Over the past few days me and Anna have been visited by the local children in the lab. They were very excited about helping us clean and sort some of the artefacts that were recovered in recent days. Thinking that some of them might be interested in an art project we came up with an idea to throw a drawing contest. The main theme of the contest was wooden dolls which are often found frequently at the site in various shapes and styles. As a guide we used photographs of the dolls to inspire our contestants. Each child chose a doll that they liked and drew their own version of it. All together we had 12 participants in the contest. The next day we hung all of the drawings up on the wall so that our crew could vote for their favourites. Awards included first, second, third place as well as most peaceful doll, best doll clothing, best portrait and best fantasy work. Here are our favourite moments from the contest:




We asked some of the children what they thought of the experience and here are few responses:

Alaks: We had a good day. Sandra was fun and Anna was funny.

Jamie: It was great and a fun day.

We are very grateful for the excitement and participation of the children. We would like to say big thank you to all participants: Alaks, Jamie, Katie, James, Gwedaline, Wasiliene, Rachel, Vanessa, Elena, Caleb, Charlene and Qena!


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  1. Marilyn F. permalink
    August 5, 2017 11:40

    Ah, how wonderful to have the children participate in cleaning and drawing pictures. A fun time for all and making memories for the children.

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