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Masks and NATURAL(!)

August 15, 2017

We’re digging on overtime at Nunalleq. Originally we should have been back-filling today, but we are so close to finishing the site we decided to keep on digging. Alice left Quinhagak yesterday, and Drew and Josh took off this morning. However, our crew was strengthened by Roy working with us all day today. Fitting then that he also found the artefact of today – half a full-size mask, a seal again.


A few hours later Lise found another mask in the same context – mushy, squishy, stinky weirdness outside the wall as it is – it is full of surprises 🙂

In the afternoon we got more reinforcement from the village. Meta came and screened for us for a few hours – and had a few nice finds from the house floor she was screening for Rick.


And so to the BIG excitement of the day (at least when you’re only a few days away from ultimate close down) – We have hit natural (that non-cultural clay in the bottom that’s been mentioned a few times before in the blog…) under the really dense nice house floor in the northwest corner – quite unexpectedly. One wouldn’t expect a floor like that to be resting straight on natural, but you cannot argue with the archaeology 🙂 The southestern-most part of the site is also almost entirely down to natural – it’s starting to look like we may be able to reach our goal after all (fingers x’d)!!!


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  1. August 15, 2017 12:24

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

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