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Racing against time…

August 17, 2017

We are working day and night to try to finish the excavation block, hence the silence on the blog… But here’s a short update (in pictures) of the last few days finds:


This small mask was found on a side room ┬áhouse floor. We think that this floor may be among the first deposited within this year’s excavation block. This year we have more than doubled the combined total of the masks recovered during the previous six field seasons.


Sandra poses with a complete bentwood bowl she excavated today at the site. It was found upright in a deep storage pit.


Here is a complete kayak bow piece. It was found in the corner of the house and had been used as a gaming dart target. One gaming dart, complete with bone point was found next to it.


A hafted ground slate uluaq and a pendant made from a beluga tooth.


A fragment of what appears to be a bentwood visor, with a portion of the original surface painting still intact. Like many pieces from this level, the wood is still bright.

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