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Boxes, sooo many boxes…

September 1, 2017

Hi again!

Another quick update for you on our attempt to finish everything before we leave Quinhagak on Monday.

We’ve packed away all the pottery. As you can see, there’s quite a lot of it!


There’s loads of lithics and bone- and antler artefacts too, they’re all on the metal shelves. The wood cupboard in the middle holds all the wooden special finds, and on the right you can see some of the lamps, which need to dry a bit longer.


This room is going to be the store for the Nunalleq Culture and Archaeology Center, while the space we’ve been using to process finds will become the exhibition area next spring.

Until then, some of the larger wooden objects will still be in PEG , and we’ve improvised a little tub in an upside-down bench for them as none of the boxes we have are big enough.

Speaking of tubs, Rick has taken upon himself the herculean task of finding a lid for every box, here’s about a quarter of them:

And in case you’re worried we’re wasting away working in the lab all day (and all night), there’s no need because we have a pretty sweet view! Not as good as the one we had from out break tent in the field, but close!


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