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September 3, 2017

One of the most amazing things with the Nunalleq project are all the little side projects and ideas that take flight on their own with inspiration from the archaeology. On the academic, community, cultural and artistic levels there are many things growing out of the archaeological soil, without being initiated by the Nunalleq research team – and this is what makes the Nunalleq project so truly dynamic and exciting. One person that found inspiration in Nunalleq is Drew Michael – contemporary Yup’ik artist and mask maker, who worked with us for a week this summer. His experience from the dig has taken its expression in this newly created piece of art; Dreammask.


This is how Drew describe the piece in his own words: Dreammask is a spirit that showed itself to me while I was in Quinhagak, Alaska. This spirit had red along the chin. I feel representing the strength and root of the place and people who live and lived there. The nose is shaped similarly to the one on the mask I found in the house floor. The color on the cheeks are of the earth and show the connection we have with the places where we live. Especially our connection to land and spirits that live around. Basswood, acrylic, handmade nails from France, glass beads, pearl, chain, feathers, bentwood. September 2017 40x26x4

You can learn more about Drew Michael and his art here

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  1. Rose Pilatti permalink
    September 7, 2017 13:08


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