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Quinhagak carver John Smith in KYUK

September 15, 2017

John Smith, Quinhagak elder, artist and carver is featuring in a nice article in KYUK. John has been involved in the Nunalleq excavation from the start, and has become a great friend of us archaeologists. He is constantly sharing his stories (some more elaborate than others 😉 ), and telling us about artefacts we find, and their use in the past – the ones he recognise. We have learned a lot for John, not least from the wonder with which he’s scrutinising the ancient carvings with the skilled craftsman’s eye. John, needless to say, is also a brilliant ivory carver, and many of us have pieces made by him, often replicas of artefacts found at Nunalleq, or inspired by the same.


John Smith examining a Nunalleq artefact (the owl below in fact, I think)

One of this years favourite artefacts was the little owl toggle found by Rufus:

Rufus with his original find, and his replica owl made by John. 

Ivory art – Old and New

Thank you John for all your support and friendship over the years!

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