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Grey skies over Nunalleq

July 10, 2018

This week we have reinforcement from 14 volunteers from the Sierra Club. Unfortunately they didn’t get the best introduction to Nunalleq archaeology, as the weather has turned. Wet and windy conditions make digging a little less appealing, but nonetheless we made good progress during the day, and spirits were high.


Screening under the storm clouds

We are making good progress, both in the attack layer in T-block, and in the old trench, where we are starting to see the original walls and some of the earliest house floors appearing. It will be exciting to see where this week takes us, but we do hope the weather improves 🙂


Wet, but happy, crew

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  1. Susan Baum permalink
    July 10, 2018 13:05

    Glad to see you’ve all arrived after your extended layover in Bethel. Wish I could send you some blue skies from New Mexico. Happy digging!
    Susan Baum (Bob Ludwig’s wife)

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