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Where’s the van?

July 11, 2018

A second wet day at Nunalleq. Less rain today, but the site is properly soaked and we had to start the day by bailing. The central room of the old house was flooded – an all too familiar sight from those of us that were here last season.


Digging in the muck

The Sierra Club volunteers are working in the attack phase under the watching eye of Michael and Sean, and are making some interesting finds very much concurring the interpretation of a violent event ending life at site.


The Sierra Club hard at work in the ‘newer house’. You can see how close the sea is


Patrick Nichols from Sierra Club with one of the telling attack phase finds

At the end of a hard day of work you are very ready to go home. Unfortunately the van was busy doing other chores in the village, before it parked itself at the dump, so Sierra Club had a bit of a longer end of day wait than planned (regular crew does not get an early break even when it’s raining, so it did not affect them too much). Good thing we have good shelter and a stove at site đŸ™‚

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