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National Geographic Photo Workshop

July 17, 2018

This week Erika, the photographer who took the pictures for the National Geographic article on Nunalleq, and five of her National Geographic colleagues are running a photography workshop for Quinhagak youth this week, and the young photographers came visiting the site.


It will be exciting to see the results at the end of the week!

On site we are continuing digging – the very last occupation next to the very first. Several dolls were found in the younger house.

The two dolls of the picture are both unusual. The first one is made of caribou antler – almost all our dolls are made out of wood. Traditionally a frowning face represents a female – and if you look closely you can see a a face on her body – this may represent the yua, the soul or spirit inside. The second doll has delicately carved features and is pained with red ocher. The groove around the face suggest this doll used to have hair, fastened to the head by a string through the groove.

37268370_2014384285263163_2098353306647658496_nThis tiny earring made out of ivory was found in the screen by Hannah. It came from one of the house floors in the older house. This particular house floor is located in the southwestern corner of the house. This room leads into the centre of the house via a walkway – and a puddle. This part of the house is always wet, and Hannah has to bail several times a day, even when its not raining. The interesting thing is that this not seems to be a new problem. The nice house floor(s) in the corner always ends close to the puddle where the fill instead turns very mossy and soddy. It is tempting to think that this is due to the wet conditions, and people at Nunalleq were trying to contain the water in moss and sod before installing the boardwalk.

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