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Nunalleq from above

July 17, 2018

37267246_2012145178820407_5995111292459810816_nWork continues at site, and more and more of the sterile natural is appearing on the old trench. This means we are very close to the very first human activity at site, and we’re starting to catch a site of the original foundation features – dug outs for installing the first boardwalks and floors and the first sod blocks resting on the natural clay.


House floor with part of the boardwalk preserved. The wall in the upper part of the picture is lined by a row of post holes, two posts are still intact. House post would have been pulled out when they were no longer wanted, to reuse for other constructions, as driftwood logs were a valuable commodity in this treeless area.

Despite the century separating the two houses we are now simultaneously excavating, some features are remarkably similar.


This is a drone image showing the northeastern part of the trench, where you can see two entryways. They are separated in elevation by a meter, and in time by over a century. We are looking at the latest and the earliest occupation on the site in this picture- the older house is to the right. Although they belong to entirely different structures the two walkways were constructed in the same angle. We believe this is due to environmental factors – they are facing away from the prevailing direction of Bering Sea storms.

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