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Rick’s birthday

July 21, 2018

Yesterday was Rick’s birthday, and the present from the site was perfect digging weather; sun, but not too much, and wind, but not too much. Even our central house puddle was drying out. A a little.

37366068_10204831588946446_9184708427723571200_nThe site is getting constantly lower, and the oldest house is shrinking. We have now all but removed the last (for us, first in time) house floor in the northwestern part of the old block – and taken it down to natural ground – with no traces of human activity. At the base of the inner wall next to this house floor we made an interesting discovery of a little shelf structure with a clay lamp on it. The same structure could be seen on both sides of the wall, and one one side we even had two ‘generations’ of this feature.


The edge of this house floor, against the wall, contained an abundance of finds including a large clay pot (see Find of the day), and a wooden carving that looks very much like a canoe. We think it must probably be representing an umiak, as dug out canoes did not exist in (treeless) Yup’ik country.


In the new house we have traced the outline of the rooms and walls, and house floors are being removed – resulting in many interesting finds.


Chris with an ivory toggle found in the ‘new house’

John turned up for a site visit just as Chris’s ivory toggle came out of the ground. John has a nack for turning up when the nicest artefacts are found – or it is the site’s way of greeting him 🙂


John examining Chris’s ivory toggle

Of course Rick was also celebrated at site; Alice had brought him a present all the way from the old country…


It’s tea time for maggots

And back at camp cake was waiting…



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