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Lovely Artefacts and Caroline

March 6, 2019

Lovely artefacts and some lovely company: the new year in the Aberdeen conservation lab is starting well!

It’s been a busy start of the year at the Nunalleq Culture and Archaeology Center’s conservation laboratory based in Aberdeen. Alongside continuing to pack the grass collection from year 2012-2015, Julie has started cleaning the freshly excavated material from last season. As you can see the size of the artefacts to package varies from small to large, and they are all amazing!

Todays’ packing: a lovely, tiny bundle of roots

and large wall mats!

Last Friday we had some lovely company as our visitor, Caroline Mottais from Conservation-Restauration des Objets d’Art (CROA), Paris, France, enthusiastically joined in for some ceramic conservation. Caroline said: “This was a chance to broaden my knowledge of Ceramic as it gave me an understanding of the different challenges faced when conserving these crumbly, fragile ceramics from an archaeological arctic context.” Thanks Caroline, it was great having you!

Julie starting to clean an artefact from 2018 excavation season

Caroline removing tapes and consolidating one ceramic Julie has started to rebuild

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