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Nunalleq Season of 2022

June 29, 2022

After two seasons with very little on-site research due to COVID-19 restrictions, Nunalleq researchers will be back in Quinhagak this summer with various projects. The season started already in May when Charlotta and Alice went to Quinhagak for a week to do some work for their Nunalleq Digital Museum-project. You can read about it on Alice’s blog.

Alice scanning her 200th artefact of the week

Currently, Rick is in Quinhagak, where he will soon be joined by volunteers working on the remaining cataloguing of the collection. They will have their work cut out for them this summer. Other research activities will include continued surveying and some test pitting, and in August Charlotta and Alice returns (brining with them Anna) for a couple of weeks of community workshops for the digital museum. Busy summer, so keep an eye out for updates 🙂

Ending with an image from Rick:

“Yup’ik dance group rehearsal tonight at the Nunalleq Museum in Quinhagak, Alaska. I’m guessing that this may be one of the only museum conservation labs in the world that converts into a dance floor in the evenings”

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