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Day Zero – more fun than you’d think

July 2, 2015

The field season has officially started. Yesterday Rick, Carly and Charlotta arrived to Quinhagak, and today Véro, Paul, Cheryl & Roman joined the team. While Rick went to the airstrip in the new fancy van to pick up the (newly wed ;) ) scientists (Véro & Paul), Carly and Charlotta loaded a trailer and set of down the beach to bring a first load of gear down to the site.

The site - looking a bit sad and abandoned, but will soon be itself again :)

The site – looking a bit sad and abandoned, but will soon be itself again :)

And on that rather dull and uneventful note the story of day zero could have ended – had Charlotta tried a different approach to crossing the stream… ‘Do you think one can drive on that?’ she asked Carly and set off. The answer, it turned out, was NO, you can’t.


(Note to self: If not sure you can drive somewhere – don’t try it). The four wheeler was stuck good and thorough, and every attempt to drive out of the goo just wedged it in further… Fortunately we know how to dig – even if sticks and hands was all we had to our disposal. After what seemed like hours of digging, wedging sticks under the wheels, pulling, pushing, and failed attempts to drive out of the jam (both forwards and backwards) we finally got it free (and as you can see from the picture we were very proud of ourselves).

 11714393_10204588082122190_2139625868_n 11694275_10204588078162091_699139788_n 11714449_10204588082882209_166880670_n

Despite the involuntarily workout we took a few more loads of gear out to the site – but every time we drove past the gigantic whole in the muck we had to ask ourselves – whatever were we thinking? No matter, that is what day zero is for, right?

   IMG_9212 IMG_9214


The loss of Arctic artefacts…

July 1, 2015

We known it for a while; since the first season in 2009 we’ve lost up to 15 m of land at the site, and had the dig not started back then, a large part of Nunalleq’s memories would have been lost at sea. The melting permafrost and changing weather patterns is a real threat to the Arctic archaeological heritage – and it is important to raise public awareness of these eroding sites.

Nunalleq: Bringing Back Our Past

June 11, 2015

LKSD student filmmakers explore the connection between an archaeological dig site and the resurgence of dance in their community

Traveling in style

April 30, 2015

Qanirtuuq Inc. has bought a new van for the project! This year we will travel to the site in style. Fantastic!

QCorp van

Nunalleq at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting 2015

April 27, 2015

We are breaking the silence with a greeting from California, more precisely San Francisco, where this years annual SAA (Society for American Archaeology) meeting/conference were held. The Alaska project had a session of it’s own at the conference – Human-Environment Interactions & Human Ecology in Western Alaska, and a large part of the team was represented, including Qanirtuuq Inc. by Lynn who flew all the way from Quinhagak to give her talk.

Charlotta, Ana, Lynn, Rick, Paul, Vero, Kate, Maanasa

Charlotta, Ana, Lynn, Rick, Paul, Vero, Kate, Maanasa

The project researchers were joined by Maanasa Raghavan who participated on a large study on the genetic prehistory of Alaska which included hair samples from Nunalleq. Rick gave an overview of the site and western alaskan archaeology, Kate spoke about dietary practices among Nunalleq’s human and canine inhabitants, Paul showed what plant remains can tell us about every day life at the site, Ana talked about the different pottery techniques used at Nunalleq, Véronique shared her discoveries of different activity areas based on bug remains, Charlotta discussed archaeology as Yup’ik heritage, and Lynn told us about archaeology and cultural preservation from the perspective of Quinhagak and the people local to the site. Overall it was a very interesting session, even for us who work on the project, and needless to say we had a great time in San Francisco.


Join the Nunalleq project for the field season of 2015!

March 6, 2015

Summer is coming closer, and that means so is the field season. Would you like to join us this summer?

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 17.15.28

You will find more information about the field season and how to apply here

Where’s Winter?

December 22, 2014

Last year there were barely any snow in Quinhagak, and this year threatens to be the same. The school kids in Quinhagak miss it so much they made a video about it – and made it to the news. Merry Christmas for Quinhagak. I hope the kinds in Quinhagak will get a white Christmas


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