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Nunalleq Labrets

June 8, 2020

Rick continues his work on documenting the collection. Here you can see some of the Nunalleq labrets (lip plugs) documented in his pictures. An abundance of labrets have been found at Nunalleq, and they were made in a wide variety of different materials and styles. You can see the range of variety in the picture below,

Labrets 1

Labrets can tell you about peoples personal identity and affiliation. These wood labrets have been decorated with stylized seal faces – we believe they tell a family story. The distribution of these within the sod house complex excavated at the site suggests that they represent membership in a single clan or extended family.

Labrets 2

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  1. Anne C. permalink
    February 22, 2021 14:52

    I am reading Kathleen Jamie’s beautiful book Surfacing, and am in her chapter on Quinhagak. Wanting to see some photos of the excavation and its finds, I googled–and found this wonderful site. Thank you so much for the excellent documentation! This is so rich! I am going to do a blog post of my own about the project and some of the artifacts. (I have approximately 10 followers, but I know they’ll appreciate learning about this.) Thank you so much.

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