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Last day digging…

August 21, 2012

Today we’ve been battling Permafrost. Sadly Permafrost walked away with the victory. We didn’t manage to take our squares down more than maybe 5 cm the whole day, the boards are not even entirely exposed. We have to admit defeat, take the block down to board level, cover it with a tarp before backfilling tomorrow, and come back to continue the investigation next summer. There’s no arguing with Mother Nature. This years excavation is soon finalised, sections are drawn, features cleaned and photographed and the whole excavation block surveyed. Some last minute finishing touches will be done tomorrow, but we’re all but ready for back filling. This years big adventure is coming to an end…

To celebrate this we had our Show and Tell this evening, where the nicest artefacts were displayed for everyone in the village to see. Archaeologists and Quinhagakers exchange knowledge and stories over the artefacts. This year a lot of people found their way to the exhibit. We are very happy to see that so many are interested in our project.

Thank you for coming!


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